Executive Search Recruitment

At Biz Contributors, we understand that finding the best resource for senior-level and executive post is a tough nut to crack. Executive search is a very complex and dynamic process which requires companies to search highly qualified specialists or experts for handling the senior and specialized work in the company. Therefore, we at BizContributors, offer tailor-made high-quality leadership consultancy service for filling the need for executives in the company.


Executive Search, also known as headhunting, is one of the specialized services we offer to all our clients. We help our clients source the perfect candidate for the senior or executive level posts in any organization. The discussions about the qualities and other confidential details related to the executive requirement are held by our experts and clients to ensure that they find the right match. We hunt through our large database of executive level personnel and shortlist the suitable candidates that match the business needs, structure, industry & culture of our clients. So, contact us for executive search consultants in Jeddah.


BizContributors is counted among the leading service providers when it comes to recruitment and selection of candidates for any level job openings. We have a dedicated team that performs all the recruitment and selection operations for different client firms and organizations. We pay close attention to the requirements of our clients and what all they require in the candidate and search them on different platforms. After shortlisting the candidates, we employ effective methods to screen and analyze these candidates. All the specific needs and requirements of our clients are given greatest attention while performing this search and selection process.


We draft a new screening plan and test for all our clients while keeping their requirements in mind and make sure that all the shortlisted candidates successfully pass this screening test so that they can be referred forward to our clients for the final screening by them. The key to effective selection and recruitment lies in constant feedback and communication with the clients throughout the process of finding the right talent. For executive search recruitment in Jeddah, contact us.